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Victoria Police vehicle impoundment and immobilisation program.

Barnes, D


ACRS conference 2011

Introduction: To discuss the processes Victoria Police has implemented and is investigating to enforce expanded legislation and methodology to mitigate the risk of returning unsafe vehicles to the fleet within the vehicle impoundment, immobilisation program.

Methods: Increased relevant period from 48 hours to 30 days.

Expanded relevant offences to include drink driving, drug driving and unlicensed driving.

Utilisation of improved technology such as in car video and automatic number plate recognition systems.

Commitment to immobilisation via steering wheel clamps.

Commitment to a robust, risk associated, disposal program for abandoned and forfeited motor vehicles.

Results: Potential increase in detected offences from approximately 3500 in 2010-2011 to an estimated 15900 in 2014-2015. 95% of all abandoned motor vehicles are assessed as unsafe to return to the fleet and are crushed.

Conclusions: An increased enforcement program will result in the removal of more high risk offending drivers; the impact is a contributing factor in reducing road trauma associated with drink, drug and unlicensed drivers. The risk associated disposal of abandoned and forfeited motor vehicles ensures that only motor vehicles assessed as “safe” are returned to the fleet.