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Outcomes-based national road safety performance measures.

Hughes, B P, D'Elia, A (Peer reviewed)


ACRS conference 2011

Traditionally, transport agencies tend to monitor and report on activities and outputs rather than real safety outcomes which are rarely measured apart from at the very broadest levels, for example changes in fatality counts. Recent developments in management theory, which have moved to measure performance in order to improve organisational efficiency and effectiveness, can be applied to transport safety outcomes.


This paper describes the road safety measures developed for the National Transport Commission (NTC) which sought to develop a range of outcomes-based performance measures, consistent with the most recent management concepts. The measures are formulated from a general framework for performance measurement which includes criteria for selection and content requirements.

This paper describes nine primary national and state road safety performance indicators in detail. It describes the intent and value of each measure and also relates them to rail safety performance measures for comparative purposes.

The national road safety performance measures described in this paper are comprehensive and practical for policy and operations management. The measures are important for safety focused road transport policy agencies, regulators, infrastructure owners and operators, primarily in government, but also in the private sector.