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Electronic work diary: Policy, specification and operational pilot.

Potter, J, Salko, S, Walsh, D (Peer reviewed)

Heavy Vehicles


The heavy vehicle driver fatigue legislation was enacted in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia in September 2008. While the legislation allows for the approval of electronic work diary systems, a lack of specification on the composition of an electronic work diary was identified. The Australian Transport Council in November 2008 directed Austroads to start on the ‘immediate development of a performance based specification for electronic heavy vehicle speed and driver fatigue systems, enhancing the use of in vehicle telematics and adding value to the Intelligent Access Program’. At the same time, the National Transport Commission was tasked to develop a policy framework and regulatory impact statement for heavy vehicle driver systems. This paper presents the findings of the draft policy paper and the accompanying draft specification that was released for public consultation in late 2010. The three presenters at the consultations have combined to produce this paper. A number of unresolved policy and technical issues were identified and submissions have since been received from governments and industry. In 2010, the NSW Minister for Transport proposed the undertaking of an Electronic Work Diary Operational Pilot and this initiative has since gained national support. The paper will also report on the scoping and plans for the pilot which commenced in July 2011.