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Report on capacity-building workshops for road safety in Indonesia.

King, M, Watson, B, Brownlow, D, Motha, J, Robinson, E, Ernani, B



In addition to the established problem of road safety in developing countries such as Indonesia, the agencies responsible for road safety often lack personnel with professional training in road safety. In Indonesia this is compounded by a need for more effective collaboration between agencies. In 2009, CARRS-Q was commissioned under the Indonesia Transport Safety Assistance Package to provide professional training in road safety for middle-level officers in Jakarta, the province of Jawa Barat, and the cities of Bandung, Bogor and Sukabumi, aimed at developing action plans and fostering collaboration between agencies. This was achieved through a workshop, which was followed up by a second workshop with the same participants. The course was very well received, action plans were successfully prepared during the first workshop, and most had progressed well by the time of the second workshop. Good cooperation among agencies was also evident. There would be considerable benefits in extending modified workshops more widely in Indonesia.