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The Australian Bicycle Council and the National Cycling Strategy.

MacColl, F



The Australian Bicycle Council (ABC) is the national body that manages and coordinates implementation of The Australian National Cycling Strategy (NCS).

Over recent years, Australia has seen a significant growth in bicycle ownership and use. Australians are becoming increasingly aware of the convenience, enjoyment and widespread health and environmental benefits of cycling, and, as a result, initiatives to promote and increase this activity have been incorporated into many government agency programs within the portfolios of Health, Road and Transport, Education, Environment, Tourism, Sport and Local Government.

The NCS has been developed as a coordinating framework identifying responsibilities that lie with the various governments at all levels, as well as community and industry stakeholders, to encourage and facilitate increased cycling in Australia. It sets out actions, with targets, timeframes and resources that will ensure the continued growth of this important component of Australia's transport system.