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Painting a designated space: Cyclist and driver compliance at cycling infrastructure at intersections.

Johnson, M, Charlton, J, Newstead, S, Oxley, J (Peer reviewed)



This study evaluated cyclist and driver compliance at cycling infrastructure at signalised intersections to determine the

effectiveness of the infrastructure in creating a designated space for cyclists. A cross-sectional observational study was onducted during peak travel times at six sites in Melbourne in March 2009. Three types of infrastructure were observed: 1) bicycle storage box in front of left lane, 2) bicycle storage box in front of centre lane and 3) continuous green-painted bicycle lane. Two sites were observed for each infrastructure type, one morning and one early evening. A covert fixed position video camera was used to film all road users, and the behaviour of cyclists and drivers who stopped at the intersection during the red light phase was coded. In total, 2670 cyclists and 1243 vehicles were observed. Compliance was highest at the continuous bicycle lane sites for cyclists (95.4%) and drivers (97.7%). At bicycle storage box sites, cyclists (60.4%) were more compliant than drivers (49.6%). The placement of bicycle storage boxes may contribute to lower rates of driver compliance and cyclists’ perceptions of safety and subsequently cyclist compliance. Driver and cyclist education campaigns may increase compliance.