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Implementation of a Road Safety Package to address the NSW road toll.

Fernandes, R, Graham, A, Prendergast, M, Job, S

Road Safety Programs


After six consecutive years of reductions, the NSW road toll for 2009 increased by more than 20% on the previous year, although gains in NSW remain ahead of the slight downward trend for the rest of Australia (see Figure 1). In order to address this rise in road fatalities, a Road Safety Package was developed for implementation throughout NSW.

The Road Safety Package comprises a 5-year $170 million program of road safety measures developed to support the State Plan Objective to improve road safety and reduce fatalities on our roads, and includes many of the actions identified at the Road Safety Roundtable held in Sydney in July 2009.

The Road Safety Package was developed in accordance with the Safe System Partnership approach to road safety, which encapsulates the requirements that those responsible build and manage to deliver a safe road environment, safe vehicles and safe travel speeds.