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Driver behaviour and crash profiles at Seagull T-junctions on high speed rural roads.

Tang, J, Levett, S (Peer reviewed)

Driver Psychology / Human Factors


The aim of this paper is to evaluate the safety performances of unsignalised Seagull T-junction configuration on high speed rural roads in NSW. The findings were that two types of crashes, Right Near and Right Through, were predominant among all the crashes, and those that result in casualties. Driver impairment, speeding behaviour and road environment conditions were a factor in a small percentage of these crashes. Of the deemed to be at-fault male drivers, almost two-thirds were at and above the age of 67. However, for each of the other age groups below this, there was a higher incidence of female drivers than male drivers involved in Right Near crashes. The former is consistent with other studies on older male drivers. Consistent with the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) Safe System approach, key solutions include substantially reduced speeds for through traffic and removal of critical side impact crash types. This may require further investigation prior to implementation.