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ANCAP: A deregulatory approach to reducing road trauma.

Clarke, N



The National Road Safety Strategy 2001-2010 (NRSS) contained a raft of actions, many of which have been implemented, but many are still to be completed. There is much research to demonstrate the benefit of investment in road and vehicle safety programs.

ANCAP is one of these programs. For 15 years its stakeholders have directly contributed about $2m per year and much more through in-kind support and communication programs to undertake the crash testing of new motor vehicles to demonstrate to consumers to differences in occupant protection in new cars offered for sale. This is an excellent example of a non regulatory approach, a consumer driven approach to reducing road crash trauma. Research shows that you are 2 to 3 times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in an ANCAP 1 star rated vehicle compared with an ANCAP 5 star rated vehicle.