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Moped crashes in Queensland.

Haworth, N, Neilson, A, Greig, K (Peer reviewed)

Motorcycles and Scooters


Motor scooter and moped sales are booming, but little is known about their crash involvement. In Queensland, most scooters are mopeds which can be ridden with a car licence only. This paper begins by defining scooters and mopeds and discussing the difficulties in identifying them in crash and other data bases. It then presents the results of analyses of moped crashes identified from crash and registration data supplied by Queensland Transport.

The registration data classed 227 vehicles in crashes as mopeds but further examination of make and model information identified an additional 79 mopeds. The number of moped crashes increased from 25 in 2001 to 97 in 2005, with larger percentage growth in crashes of riders licensed in Queensland than elsewhere. The most common crash types were “angle” (37%) and “fall from vehicle” (23%).

Moped crashes were more likely to occur in tourist areas, on weekdays and in low speed zones than motorcycle crashes. The distributions of crash type and crash severity were similar.

Moped riders in crashes were much more likely than motorcycle riders to be female (37.9% versus 7.2%), younger and hold an interstate (10.8% versus 1.3%) or overseas licence (7.8% versus 0.7%).

The challenges in interpreting the results of the analyses of the crash data are discussed.