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Profiling drink driving offenders in Queensland.

Leal, N, King, M, Lewis, I (Peer reviewed)

Drink Driving


The major objective of this research was to characterise drink drivers in Queensland and generate profiles of drink drivers within the general driving population, convicted drink drivers, recidivist drink drivers, and crash-involved drink drivers. This profile was part of Phase 1 of the work program of the Impaired Driving Legislation Review Research Sub-Group convened by Queensland Transport, and was conducted to provide background information that could inform other components of the review. Variables of interest included: gender; age; Indigenous status; licence status; frequency of drink driving; BAC at time of drink driving offence; previous convictions; location of drink driving offence; socio-economic status (income and education); employment; purpose of trip; passengers; and vehicle type. While profiles of the drink driving offender were generated for each of the four “sub-groups” of drink drivers, this paper will present the general profile of the drink driver in Queensland.