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City of Stirling child car restraint fitting, installing and demonstrations.

Stewart, H


ACRS conference 2007

The City of Stirling Child Car Restraint programme aims to contribute to a reduction in the number of children killed and seriously injured as a result of traffic crashes by increasing the number of parents and carers who use appropriate, safe and correctly fitted child car restraints through education and promotion strategies and a child car restraint fitting and checking service.

The City's Road Safety Officer has successfully attended the Child Car Restraint Type 1 Fitters Training Course conducted by RoadWise and it a registered Type 1 Fitter. The City formalised a child car restraint fitting and checking programme by holding twice monthly checking appointment days and conducting checking stations and education presentations at child services facilities and events. This resulted in devoted checking days and checking being made available as per demand for agencies involved with child care, health, socialisation and education.

The Department of Community Development funded a demonstration restraint for the City of Stirling’s Road Safety Officer to conduct demonstration presentations on the importance of restraints and how a restraint works.

The City of Stirling, joined with the Town of Cambridge, City of Subiaco and the Town of Vincent to promote and run four annual free child car restraint fitting and checking events combining the four councils.