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Trial of improved procedures for driver licence tests administered by occupational therapists

Catchpole, J, Di Stefano, M, Mestroni, K.

Driver Licensing & Training Older Drivers & Road Users Disabled Drivers

ARSC conference 2018

VicRoads, ARRB and Occupational Therapy Australia–Victoria Division are supporting the implementation of improved testing procedures for use by occupational therapists trained in driver assessment (OTs) who conduct driver licence tests for people with medical/disability issues. A trial was conducted in 2016–17 to establish the feasibility and OT acceptance of the improved test. Twenty OTs participated in three trial phases using iterative processes to develop 15 compliant routes and test 156 clients, completing feedback forms after each test. Based on the trial outcomes, further improvements were made to test procedures, assessment criteria, route requirements and associated documentation.