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A time series analysis of periodic heavy vehicle inspections and road safety outcomes in Queensland

Assemi, B., Hickman, M.

Heavy Vehicles - Trucks, Buses, Hazardous Materials Policy Development And Implementation Road Safety Programs Crash Data Analysis

ARSC conference 2018

Heavy vehicle crashes cause significant economic and social costs. Although most crashes are considered to be related to driver errors, the impact of vehicle defects is evident in many crashes (Blower et al., 2010). Hence, different vehicle inspection schemes, including Queensland’s certificate of inspection (COI), have been implemented around the world to more effectively manage the safety of heavy vehicles (Keall and Newstead, 2013). This study investigates the trends in and potential impact of COI on heavy vehicle crashes, relying on longitudinal data provided by Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads for the period of 2009-2014.