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"a maccas on the left… something on the right": the influence of emotions and passengers upon young driver situation awareness

Scott-Parker, B, Huckstepp, T., Huang, B.

Young Drivers Distraction & Inattention Driver Risk Hazard Perception

ARSC conference 2018

A breadth of driving experience-related factors (eg., situation awareness skills, SAS), driving exposure-related factors (eg., friends as passengers) and age-related factors (eg., strong emotions) have been found to increase the crash risk of young drivers. The influence of passengers and emotions upon the SAS of 73 drivers aged 17-24 years with a Provisional 1 licence was explored in a cave simulator. Passengers and emotions negatively impacted upon SAS through operationalisation of a surface understanding of the driving environment, rather than a deeper understanding of the nature and mechanisms of driving hazards evident when driving alone and without experiencing strong emotions.