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Sydney 2030: A city safe for children.

Rutter, C, Woodman, L


ACRS conference 2007

The City of Sydney’s vision for 2030 is to develop a city safe for children. As suggested by the internationally renowned urban architect, Jan Gehl, a city safe for children would mean a city safe for all.

A safe city is one where children can play, interact and travel safely within the city’s environment. A safer environment is one that provides appropriate conditions for children to walk, ride and travel around with minimal risk.

The City of Sydney has embarked on a long term program that will address pedestrian amenity and safety through urban design and transport management strategies.

Road safety is a major factor in achieving this vision for Sustainable Sydney 2030. The City of Sydney’s Road Safety Programs will be closely aligned to the needs of the City’s population over the next two decades. The objective is to provide long term sustainable programs that will develop a road safety culture to encourage road safety from birth through to adulthood.

This paper will provide an overview of the current research on facilitating and promoting pedestrian and cyclist movement in a city environment, and plans to achieve the Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision, including the role of road safety strategic planning.