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Can mobility management deliver the next step-change towards safe system

Jurewicz, C, Troung, L., Ahmed, F., Espada, I.

Policy Development And Implementation Road Safety Strategy Safer Mobility Safer Transport & Mobility

ARSC conference 2018

Progression towards Safe System goals of zero death and serious injury has stalled in Australia. Historical downward step-changes in road toll were associated with systemic and cultural shifts driven by government regulation (e.g. drink driving, seat belts). The goals of the current National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) are not likely to be met by 2020, but significant opportunities lay beyond if more systemic approach to road safety strategies can be adopted. This paper discusses potential strategic contributions of Mobility Management (travel demand management, road pricing, urban planning, Mobility as a Service) to the next NRSS goals and points out the evidence necessary for detailed estimation of the next step-change in road toll.