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Implications of traffic sign recognition systems for road operators

Jones, C B, Zhou, R., Rowland, M., Roper, Y.

Signage & Signalisation Autonomous Vehicles Crash Avoidance and Crash Severity Reduction NCAP And Consumer Test Ratings

ARSC conference 2018

Achieving a zero fatality vision will require innovative new approaches such as adoption of vehicle systems that warn, aid and ultimately replace the driver. Vehicles are now available with machine-vision based systems which can read and interpret traffic signs. However, machine-vision systems require ‘readable’ infrastructure. Austroads engaged ARUP to consider the implications of traffic sign recognition systems on road operations, including their design, maintenance and configuration at the road side. Based on literature reviews, on-road and off-road evaluations and stakeholder interviews, we have determined that road side infrastructure changes will be required to make Australia’s signs more readable.