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The efficacy of driver performance and subjective measures for investigating fatigue and distraction: a simulator study

Mulvihill, C, Horberry, T, Fitzharris, M, Lenne, M G, Kuo, J., Riquelme, N., Wood, D, Peden, M.

Fatigue Distraction & Inattention

ARSC conference 2018

Driver fatigue and distraction contribute to a significant proportion of traffic fatalities and injuries worldwide. This paper presents a sub-set of results from an ongoing collaborative research program to develop and evaluate driver state monitoring technology to reduce road trauma. Seventy participants completed simulated drives and a secondary task distraction protocol under both drowsy and alert conditions. Preliminary results show that under the drowsy and distracted conditions, drivers experienced a higher proportion of lane exceedances and crashes than when they were alert and non-distracted, and were more likely to self-report higher levels of subjective sleepiness when drowsy.