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Bouncing back and maintaining mobility: the relationship between resilience and driving in the Ozcandrive study

St. Louis, R.M, Koppel, S, Molnar, L., Hua, P., Di Stefano, M, Darzins, P., Odell, M., B├ędard, M., Mullen, N., Tuokko, H., Myers, A., Marshall, S, Charlton, J

Older Drivers & Road Users Driver Psychology

ARSC conference 2018

This study explored the concept of resilience as it relates to driving-related abilities, perceptions and practices in drivers aged 75 years and older (Male: 69.9%; Mean age = 81.74 years, SD = 3.38, Range = 76.00-90.00) in the Ozcandrive cohort study. Participants completed a range of functional/health assessments and self-reported driving questionnaires. Data for a subset of 166 Ozcandrive participants from Melbourne, Australia were analysed. Results show that higher resilience scores were correlated with higher levels of driving comfort, positive perceptions of driving abilities and more frequent driving during challenging situations.