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Workplace cyclist safety: a review of safety practices at Deliveroo

Johnson, M, Smith, S S, Durdin, P, Jess, P., Wells, M., Dalton, S., McCarthy, T

Bicyclists Workplace and Work Related Road Safety

ARSC conference 2018

Food delivery by bicycle is a growing service industry that has increased the number of bicycle couriers nationally. In 2017, the Amy Gillett Foundation undertook a review of the safety practices of one of Australia’s leading food delivery services, Deliveroo. The review included initial contact (e.g. online approach, telephone and online screening), onboarding procedures (e.g. documentation, training, equipment) and broad systems (e.g. payment model, communications). While Deliveroo is to be commended for its existing safety measures and proactiveness in seeking to further improve its safe cycling practices, however, the review included 39 recommendations for action to improve safety of Deliveroo cyclists.