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Young passengers becoming young co-drivers to improve road safety: SAFER-Passengers

Scott-Parker, B, Attwater, S., Birch-Chapman, S.

Young Drivers Driver/Rider Training Driver Psychology Education – general and other

ARSC conference 2018

The pervasive problem of young driver road safety has led to a plethora of interventions targeting the driver, some of which are designed to build the situation awareness skills (SAS) – including hazard perception, comprehension, and projection skills – of these inexperienced drivers (e.g., SAFER, Scott-Parker, 2017). Crash data reveals however that adolescent passengers can increase crash risk, and that adolescent passengers are fatally-injured in young driver crashes. SAFER-Passengers broadly addresses adolescent road safety by developing SAS in the young ‘co-driver’ (not ‘passive passenger’), and building the self-efficacy of the adolescent. Results of the SAFER-Passengers randomised controlled trial will be presented.