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Targeting road safety interventions at young workers and family members through the workplace.

Murray, W, Faulks, I, Watson, B


ACRS conference 2007

This paper is partly based on research and partly on practical real-world experience. From a research perspective, the ATSB report on Fleet Safety (Murray, et al, 2003) suggested that there may be some type of ‘work driver effect’ that could be used to positive effect in the wider community, in that if work drivers could ‘take safety home’, employees’ private driving would be safer and their influence on family members could be positive. In the ATSB study, this issue was particularly cited by DuPont as one of the motivators for its extensive fleet safety program in Australia and around the world. DuPont put forward both humanitarian and business reasons to focus on fleet safety, and argued that that crashes occurring during a driver’s private time, or involving their family, will inevitably affect their working life. Clarke (2006) also focused on the safe driving of family members.