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Australian Naturalistic Driving Study (ANDS): using 20,000 trips to get a glimpse at locations and speeds where data was collected

Larue, G.S., Demmel, S, Dehkordi, S., Rakotonirainy, A, Grzebieta, R H, Williamson, A, Charlton, J, Haworth, N, Woolley, J, Senserrick, T, Young, K.

Speed, Speeding & Travel Speeds Speed Cameras Naturalistic Driver Studies Statistical, Epidemiology and Other Road Safety Research Methods

ARSC conference 2018

The Australian Naturalistic Driving Study provides immense opportunities for further understanding driver behaviour. Data collection being now completed, and a large subset of the data becoming available to researchers, it becomes important to look at what is available in the data. This paper presents a first attempt to develop a scalable approach for analysing data, by looking at the particular case of vehicle speed and driving location. A preliminary spatial database was created using ~20,000 New South Wales trips, and GPS points were map matched to Australian roads. This approach provides opportunities for studying locations where NSWdrivers over-speed.