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Using evaluation to drive program improvement: Permanent 40 km/h speed limits in high pedestrian activity areas in NSW

Fry, R., Holgate, J E, Small, M, Wilkinson, R, Webster, K., Eveleigh, M, Le, J., Kloeden, C, Dutschke, J

Speed, Speeding & Travel Speeds Road Environment Pedestrians Policy Development And Implementation

ARSC conference 2018

An evaluation of permanent 40 km/h speed limits in NSW aimed to determine their effectiveness in preventing crashes and to guide future program implementation. Close collaboration between independent evaluators, commissioning staff and program managers helped focus the evaluation on important questions for program management, maximising the usefulness of evaluation results. A clear safety benefit was found, along with broad support from the community, practitioners and stakeholders. The evaluation recommended expanding the program to generate further safety benefits and improve urban amenity. Increased implementation of permanent 40 km/h speed limits will be considered in light of the findings