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Driving instructors, schools, parents and communities.

McDougall, J

Community Programs

ACRS conference 2007

On 1st July 2007, a large number of changes were made to young driver licensing in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria that will have a considerable effect on those young drivers along with their parents, professional driving instructors and law enforcement agencies. Included in these changes will be radical adjustments to the driving test that is to be introduced in NSW towards the end of the year. The new test will be the first time anywhere that a driving test has been specifically designed to address the five major types of crashes amongst young drivers.

These major crash types make up 89% of all reported crashes experienced by drivers under the age of 25. The new test will place much more emphasis on hazard perception and anticipation, on crash avoidance space, decision making and visibility, rather than just the more traditional skills based testing on controls and manoeuvring.