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Are type-G child restraints (large forward-1 facing restraints with 2 inbuilt harnesses) safer than booster seats? A preliminary crash test

Suratno, B, Leavy, D, Sherry, D., Lai, A.

Child Restraints Restraints NCAP And Consumer Test Ratings Crash Testing

ARSC conference 2018

Type-G restraints are a new type of child restraint designed for children from six months to approximately eight years of age. These restraints are perceived to be safer than booster seats because they are fitted with six-point harnesses. This paper presents the results of a single preliminary crash test comparing a Type-G restraint and a booster seat. The dummy seated in the Type-G restraint experienced greater forward head excursion, increasing the risk of possible contact between the occupant’s head and the front seat or the centre console. Further tests are needed to validate the findings.