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Adults' experience of safety issues when riding with children

Hatfield, J, Poulos, R, Murphy, S., Rissel, C

Bicyclists Cycling Issues Early Chilhood Road Safety

ARSC conference 2018

Supporting children to develop a habit of bicycle riding helps to protect them against a range of diseases associated with inactivity. An online survey of adult bicycle riders was conducted to advance understanding about safety issues of riding with children. A large majority of respondents who reported riding with children specified risks particular to riding carrying, or riding with, children. Many respondents highlighted risks associated with riding on footpaths but reported that they avoid riding on roads with children. Among crashes with a child on the bicycle, most were falls, and “tagalong” carriers appeared to be overrepresented. Findings suggest the importance of communicating with parents about safety issues that they may encounter when riding with children, and highlight the importance of providing environments which can safely accommodate the characteristics of bicycles carrying children (in terms of stability and handling) and bicycles ridden by children (with their developing capacities).