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Partnering for road safety at level crossings: New South Wales Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

Timms, M

Crossings (Pedestrian, School, Rail, Rural/Animal) Hazard Perception Education – general and other Enforcement Programs

ARSC conference 2018

Between April 2012 and January 2018, three vehicle occupants died in crashes with trains at level crossings (LX’s) in NSW. Some 2,000 lives were lost in all road crashes over the same period. LX crashes may be low likelihood, but the consequences are extreme. On 4 January 2018, 19 people were killed when a truck ploughed into a passenger train in South Africa. How then can authorities apply safe systems thinking to drive behavioural change? Working with an expanding range of partners, NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command leads LX programs and initiatives that go well beyond enforcement.