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Bringing the streets into the classroom: using augmented reality in primary schools to teach road safety awareness

Gribble, D.

Early Childhood Road Safety School Safety Bicyclists Pedestrians

ARSC conference 2018

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation, in partnership with augmented reality design company DSBS, have developed a world-first road safety learning application for primary schools. The curriculum-linked app lets teachers run engaging augmented reality road safety lessons in the classroom on their school tablets, delivering real-time pre-post measurement and post analysis of students change in knowledge in pedestrian, cyclist and public transport learning areas. Students engage in interactive decision-making in relation to portrayed risks such as road crossing, school zones, bus stops etc. A gamification reward approach motivates students to correctly identify answers. Two separate experiences tailored to younger (4-7 years) and older (8-11 years) children have been developed, providing different age-appropriate experiences. Teachers control the experience in class, starting it and stopping it through a master app, seeing student progress in the learning scenarios in real time, and accessing additional road safety teaching material to further enhance their experience.