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Recommendations to reduce speeding-related crashes in the united states

Doble, N., Cheung, I.

Speed, Speeding & Travel Speeds Road Safety Strategy

ARSC conference 2018

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is a United States government agency charged with investigating transportation accidents, studying transportation safety issues, and issuing recommendations to prevent future accidents. The NTSB recently completed a study of countermeasures to reduce speeding-related crashes, focusing on five areas: (1) speed limits, (2) data-driven enforcement, (3) automated speed enforcement (ASE), (4) intelligent speed adaptation (ISA), and (5) national leadership. This paper summarizes the study findings, details how the NTSB leveraged research and countermeasures from the Australasian region to develop safety recommendations, and highlights differences in speed management approaches between the United States and other countries.