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The crash performance of seagull intersections and intersections with left turn slip lanes

Tate, F, Turner, S

Intersections and Roundabouts Safer Roads Road Environment Road Design

ARSC conference 2018

Alternative intersection layouts may reduce traffic delays and/or improve road safety. Two alternatives are reviewed in this research: 'priority controlled Seagull intersections' and ‘intersections with a Left Turn Slip Lane’. Seagull intersections are used on roads to reduce traffic delays. However, some do experience high crash rates. Left Turn Slip Lanes allow turning traffic to move clear of the through traffic before decelerating thereby reducing the risk for rear end crashes. Although there is debate about the safety problems that occur at Seagull intersections and Left Turn Slip Lanes there has been very little research to quantify the safety impact of different layouts. In this study, crash prediction models have been developed to quantify the effect of various Seagull intersection and Left Turn Slip Lane designs on the key crash types that occur at priority intersections.