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Child bicyclist traffic casualties in South Australia.

Hutchinson, T, Kloeden, C, Long, A D


ACRS conference 2007

Data are presented on characteristics of child pedal cycle casualties (as recorded by the police) in South Australia for the period 2001-2004, and how they have changed over the longer period 1981-2004. The factors considered in this paper include site and events, characteristics of the cyclist, characteristics of the motor vehicle and its driver, trends over the period 1981-2004, and injury severity. Some of these are frequently tabulated, and so particular attention is given to the site of the crash and characteristics of the motor vehicle and its driver. Findings include the following. Concerning trends, in 1981-1984, those aged 15 and younger made up 45 per cent of bicyclist casualties. In 2001-2004, this proportion had fallen to 16 per cent. Child pedal cyclist casualties reached a maximum in 1982-1987, and have fallen sharply since, from 317 in 1985 to 64 in 2004. Concerning injury severity, vehicles other than cars were involved in the case of 23 per cent of serious casualties, as compared with 18 per cent of total casualties. The percentages of child casualties killed or admitted to hospital were as follows: 44, 24, and 13 in age groups 5-7, 8-12, and 13-15; 20 and 35 for speed limits of 60 km/h or less, and 70 km/h or higher; 27 for male drivers of the motor vehicle and 9 for female drivers; and 19 when the motor vehicle dated from the 1980’s, 22 when it dated from the 1990’s, and 20 when it dated from the 2000’s.