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Local and global evaluation of risk, impact of C-ITS

Glaser, S., Gruyer, D., Orfila, O.

Intelligent Transport Systems in Road Infrastructure Intelligent Transport Systems in Vehicles Autonomous Vehicles Hazard Perseption & Inattention

ARSC conference 2018

Nowadays, an increasing number of assistances is available to help the driver: they are growing toward automated functionalities. Given the sensing capacities, it now becomes possible to have a local view of the surrounding and, with existing communication capacities, this view can be shared. Standardization activities show even that future messages exchanges between vehicles and with the infrastructure will provide an in-depth knowledge of surrounding vehicles dynamic states and position. We propose to provide a broader and more accurate understanding of the traffic situation, at the vehicle level and infrastructure manager level using high level indicator as risk definition. At the vehicle level, it allows a faster evaluation of the surrounding, simplifying decision process. At the infrastructure level it enables a fine description of the road usage.