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Are highway constructions associated with increased transport incidents? A case study of NSW Pacific Highway construction zones 2011-16

Sarrami, P., Hall, B., Lemin, P., Dinh, M., Lassen, C., Balogh, Z., McDougall, D., Wullschleger, M., Dale, K.

Temporary Road Works Safer Roads Workplace and Work Related Road Safety

ARSC conference 2018

Construction zones are associated with higher rates of transport incident. While these incidents are preventable, there is limited data in Australia on the effects of high way construction zones on the rate of transport incidents. This is a retrospective study focused on the construction zones and periods along the NSW Pacific Highway and aims to investigate if the number of people who have major trauma as a result of a transport incidents in construction zones is higher than the number of people with incidences in highways out of construction zones.