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Simulation platform for the prototyping, testing, and validation of cooperative intelligent transportation systems at component Level

Gruyer, D., Chapoul, J., Glaser, S.

Intelligent Transport Systems in Road Infrastructure Intelligent Transport Systems in Vehicles Autonomous Vehicles Computer Simulations - Restraints, Human Body, Vehicle

ARSC conference 2018

Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) are widely considered as the next major step in the development of driving assistance systems (ADAS), and Autonomous Vehicle (AV), aiming at increasing robustness of information for algorithms thus, increasing services, safety and comfort aspects for drivers. Infrastructure managers also benefit from C-ITS data as up-to-date and detailed information about road uses. Simulation platforms that allow prototyping and evaluating of such applications, are crucial. We propose a virtual cooperative simulation platform which integrates models and tools for road environments modelling, embedded virtual sensors and communication devices, which are all consistent with the laws of physics.