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Jaywalking at signalised intersections in melbourne

Tay, R, Shiwakoti, N., Stasinopoulos, P.

Distraction & Inattention Pedestrian Safety

ARSC conference 2018

Vehicle-pedestrian collisions are a major road safety concern because of the relatively smaller mass and lack of protection for the pedestrian. Moreover, the risk of fatality or serious injury resulting from crashes involving jaywalking and distracted walking have been increasing over the last two decades. The objective of this study is to explore the prevalence and contributing factors of pedestrian jaywalking behaviours using video data collected at three locations in Melbourne, Australia. A binary logistic regression model will be applied to examine the influence of gender, apparent age, herding or group behaviour, and use of mobile devices on jaywalking. It will provide useful information to develop suitable engineering, education or enforcement measures to reduce jaywalking behaviour at the intersections.