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Transitioning from driver to non-driver: be safe and not a risk

Ang, B.H., Oxley, J, Lee, S.W.H., Chen, W.S., Yap, M.K.K., Song, K.P.

Older Drivers & Road Users Driver Risk Driver Psychology Hazard Perception

ARSC conference 2018

Driving is fundamental for convenience, freedom, and independence, but there is increasing recognition of the need for many older adults to cease driving, due to age-related functional limitations. While much is known about this transition in developed countries, much less is known about driving cessation in developing countries. This study aims to understand the mechanism of driving cessation involving older Malaysian former drivers. Five themes and 16 sub-themes were identified relevant to driving importance, deciding factors, challenges faced, and strategies adopted. Findings suggest that driving cessation is an outcome of a transition process to discover safer mobility opportunities beyond driving.