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Queensland Year 12s stunned by crash scene.

Horne, G

School Safety


Thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of Barry Collis, retired teacher and former Road Safety Officer with Queensland Education for 17 years, hundreds of year 12 students each year are being challenged to think about road safety by a hard-hitting look at the realities of road accident trauma. Based in Sandgate, Queensland, Barry visits about 20 high schools each year with his ‘Docu Drama’ program. With the full cooperation of the school staff and a handful of volunteer students as actors, Barry sets up a very realisticlooking crash scene. Other helpers who contribute to making the scene come alive are the local Fire and Rescue Authority and the Ambulance and Police Services. Additional people who contribute to the Docu Drama program are a doctor, a solicitor, paraplegics and other accident victims, a funeral director and counsellors.