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Characteristics of offenders attending a traffic offender intervention program in New South Wales, Australia

Faulks, I, Siskind, V, Sheehan, M

Young Drivers Novice Driver/Rider Licensing Education – general and other Drink Driving

ARSC conference 2018

In 2008, when the NSW Traffic Offender Intervention Program commenced, seven in ten offenders enrolled in the Blacktown Traffic Offenders Program (Blacktown TOP) were drink drivers. By 2015, this proportion had reduced to five in ten of unrestricted driver offenders, and three in ten novice driver offenders. Five in ten novice driver offenders attending Blacktown TOP in 2015 were appealing a driver licence suspension following speeding offences. Offences for non-compliance with traffic signals/ signs and GDLS restrictions were also frequent. This paper considers the future of the Traffic Offender Intervention Program in light of these changes in the offender population.