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Development of a new NSW road safety plan and integration with transport planning outcomes through the future transport Strategy

Carlon, B, Murdoch, C, Cavallo, A, Higgins-Whitton, L, Preece, R., Eveleigh, M, Everingham, S., Raisianzadeh, H, Fernandes, R

Safer Transport & Mobility Safe Systems and Transport Planning Policy Development And Implementation Road Safety Strategy Safer Transport & Mobility

ARSC conference 2018

A new Road Safety Plan 2021 (the Plan) has been developed to set new road safety priorities and actions that will help NSW work toward the State Priority target of a 30% reduction in road fatalities by 2021. Development of the Plan relied on detailed understanding of crash trauma, robust evidence gathering, and extensive consultation. The Plan outlines key road safety priority areas and related measures to be implemented. Measures included in the Plan align with the Future Transport Strategy directions and vision of zero trauma for all transport customers and road users.