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Trialing connected vehicle technology in privately-owned light vehicles: an Australian first

Chevalier, A., Vecovski, V, Wright, C., Tyler, P, Wall, J

New Technologies and Road Safety Safer Vehicles: Vehicle Technologies and Crash Assessments Intelligent Transport Systems in Road Infrastructure Intelligent Transport Systems

ARSC conference 2018

This Field Operational Test (FOT) will introduce up to 55 light vehicles owned by members of the public into Transport for NSW’s Cooperative Intelligent Transport Initiative (CITI), the first large-scale, long-term connected vehicle initiative in Australia. Within the CITI testbed, there are up to 60 connected trucks, 11 connected public passenger buses, two light fleet vehicles, 1 fleet motorcycle and three connected signalised intersections operating. Findings from the light vehicle study will increase knowledge of the human-machine interface (HMI) and road safety benefits of this technology. The presentation will include an update on study progress and participant recruitment and demographic data.