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An investigation into potential migration of run-of-road crashes after treatments of sites in rural Western Australia

Chow, K, Meuleners, L, Hobday, M, Argus, F.

Safer Roads Rural Road Safety Fatigue Design of Safer Roads Crash Data Analysis Road Environment

ARSC conference 2018

Run-off-road crashes are especially problematic in rural Western Australia (WA), with lives lost and trauma that result placing a great burden on community. Factors that lead to these crashes, such as fatigue, are compounded by WA’s vast land area and long distances between its towns. Chow et al. (2017) found the State program aimed to reduce such crashes to be successful. However, the question arises, whether the treatments deployed acted to delay the crashes only, and whether the crashes “migrated” to other road sections after the treated sections. This new study aims to answer this question with up-to-date data.