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Banding together to predict driver fatigue: a trial of wearable activity monitoring devices

Wall, J, Boland, P., O’Brien, J.

Cycling Bicyclists Cycling Issues Cycling and Passing Distances Policy Development And Implementation Legislation and Law Crash Data Analysis

ARSC conference 2018

Wearable technologies are emerging as innovative tools to help reduce fatigue-related crashes. A wristband product called Readiband monitors the wearer’s activity level, and according to the band’s manufacturer, can accurately predict when the wearer is likely to be fatigued and more susceptible to a road crash. A study of 25 volunteer drivers from two organisations revealed the devices were generally supported by participants, however their fatigue levels, as calculated by the Readiband, remained static. Furthermore, senior management representatives from both participating organisations did not support the uptake of the devices because of cost, privacy and efficacy concerns.