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Preliminary findings from the evaluation of the NSW minimum passing distance trial

Filardo, L, El-Hoss, G, Noyes, A., Fernandes, R, Schramm, A, Haworth, N, Legge, M.

Cycling Bicyclists Cycling Issues Policy Development And Implementation Legislation and Law Crash Data Analysis

ARSC conference 2018

An evaluation of the NSW minimum passing distance (MPD) trial is nearing completion. It assessed practical implementation, impact on road users’ behaviours, attitudes and perceptions, and road safety benefits. Draft findings indicate awareness of the MPD rule increased and motorists were generally compliant. Compared to the pre-trial trend, there were 15 fewer casualty crashes indicative of non-rule compliance in the 10 months after the trial began, but the difference was not statistically significant. The draft findings confirm the rule has improved motorist awareness of the need to provide space when passing, and suggest the rule has contributed to cyclists’ safety.