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Engineering road safety into mobile applications

Byrne, M., Dalic, M.

New Technologies in Road Safety Distraction & Inattention Driver Risk Young Drivers

ARSC conference 2018

This year marks 10 years since the iPhone launched and it's hard to think of an aspect of life that it hasn't changed. Smartphones and apps have brought information, convenience and choice to everyday life and are credited with products and services becoming easier to access and increasingly tailored to customers' individual needs. Transurban saw an opportunity to apply the latest smartphone and GPS technology to enhance customers' experience and the way they interact with Transurban. Transurban has launched an innovative new tolling approach using a GPS-enabled app, allowing motorists to drive on any Australian toll road without the need for a tag. Recognising that mobile phones and driving do not mix, Transurban designed LinktGO to ensure user interaction is not required while driving. In addition to safety warnings, LinktGO has built-in safety features that leverage a phone's core motion technology.