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Post-crash transport decisions for patients with traumatic spinal cord injury: does it differ between states and does it matter?

Sharwood, L.C.

Post-Crash Care Policy Development And Implementation Education – general and other Ambulance and Emergency Services Emergency Hospital Trauma

ARSC conference 2018

Traumatic spinal cord injury (TSCI) is a devastating injury resulting predominantly from motor vehicle crashes and falls, with significant costs to the healthcare system. Precise post injury management is critical for lessening mortality or complication risk and improving possible functional recovery. Post-crash care including transport decisions can vitally impact patient outcomes. Clinical pathway mapping undertaken on TSCI cases across NSW and Victoria showed 1/3 in NSW were admitted directly to a specialist spinal unit (SCIU); rarely occurring in Victoria. Direct transport to SCIU saw TSCI patients more likely to receive appropriate blood pressure management and timely surgery (< 12 hours).