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BbQ: a questionnaire to try to understand the road behaviour of the Bodaboda drivers

Perego, P., Biassoni, F., Ciceri, M.

SYMPOSIUM 7: Motorcycle Safety Research in Low and Middle Income Countries: Different Approaches to Generate an Evidence Base

ARSC conference 2017

This study is the second part of a traffic psychology project for Bodaboda drivers of the Arusha region in Tanzania. In order to gather information, a first version of the Bodaboda questionnaire (BbQ) was distributed to 54 drivers in Arusha city.

A final version of the BbQ was written in Swahili after a focus group with Swahili-English speakers and was distributed to 513 Bodaboda drivers in Arusha in December 2016.

The subjects replied to 46 questions to investigate 7 different sections: demographic information, protective equipment, passengers, maintenance of motorcycle, police fines, driver's crash history and reasons of the road crashes.