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The Advanced Safe Truck Concept (ASTC) Project: Defining and Developing Future Products to Enhance Heavy Vehicle Safety

Lenne, M G, Fitzharris, M, Horberry, T, Wood, D, da Cruz, J., Kuo, J., Edwards, T., Tomasevic, N, Mulvihill, C, Hooper, G.

Heavy Vehicles

ARSC conference 2017

Road safety and road transport sectors acknowledge the need to address heavy vehicle safety, both in terms of reducing the number of crashes and the flow-on impacts on productivity. Advances in technology now enable transport operators to strengthen their ability to measure and monitor in-cab driver performance in real-time as a way of complementing existing company safety policies and further ensuring they meet OHS requirements. This paper outlines a new commonwealth-funded program aimed at better understanding the real-world risks faced by trucking operations and their drivers, and the research undertaken to generate new technological solutions.