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Safety Evaluation of Fully-Controlled Right Turn Phasing at Signalised Intersections: Full-Time and Part-Time Applications

Jurewicz, C, Sobhani, A, Makwasha, T

Design of Safer Roads

ARSC conference 2017

This paper presents results of safety evaluation of fully-controlled right turn (FCRT) phasing at signalised intersections in Melbourne, Australia. Full-time and part-time (off-peak only) applications of the treatment were evaluated. The evaluation produced full-time FCRT crash reduction factor (CRF) of 52% for all-casualty crashes and 69% for severe casualty crashes, both statistically significant. Part-time FCRT showed lesser safety benefits: CRF of 11% for all-casualty crashes, and 36% for severe casualty crashes (lower statistical significance). This research provides valuable inputs into revision of road agency policies, especially in relation to choice between safer full-time FCRT and a more efficient part-time FCRT.